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Cherry Ridge Farm

Cherry Ridge Farm started with Nigerians in 2017, with two doe kids from Cedar Green Farm. Their whole herd originates from these two goats! They were interested in Nigerians for milk after researching dairy breeds - for their high quality sweet “non goaty” tasting milk.

They milk each of their does by hand and make lots of cheese at their homestead in Cherryville BC. Since they are focussed on dairy, they breed for dairy qualities. 

Cherry Ridge Farm focuses on dairy character and milk capacity, with well built udders.

Their farm name comes from the prominent feature of Cherry Ridge, which they have a gorgeous view of from their barn.

Cherry Ridge Farm maintains a small herd and puts careful thought each season into the few doe kids they retain. They will have some lovely kids moving on to new homes, and also mature animals for sale.

Cherry Ridge also keeps a CAE and Johnes tested herd.

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