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What is included in your $50 annual membership:

  • Breeder Directory- Your contact information in an easy to find spot.

  • Member Zone- an area for resources, monthly online presentations and discounts to your favourite goat suppliers.

  • Breeder Spotlights- Showcase your farm once yearly on CNDA's social media platforms and blog post posted to the CNDA's website.

  • Fill out the registration form.

  • Send in your money. (Email Money Transfer to ($50))

  • Await admin approval within 48 hrs of payment.

  • You will receive an email when your membership has been processed.

  • Login by clicking the top right log in icon.

  • You access the membership content by clicking the same icon's drop down menu.

  • If you are using your phone click the "+" sign for your membership content.

Please send $50 payment to Then check your Member Directory and if you want it updated, send an e-mail to

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