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3 Ring Sanctioned All Breeds Doe Show and Classification Meet

We are surveying interest in a 3 ring sanctioned all breeds doe show in OLDS, Alberta on the first weekend in June. We are requesting that you please take the survey as soon as possible and not later than Wednesday, FEBRUARY 8, 2023. Once we can confirm that there is sufficient interest we will have further information regarding proposed costs.

Benefits of a 3 ring sanctioned show are the ability to acquire championship legs and potentially finish a doe in one show.

Classification Meet Information:

We are also surveying interest in possibly holding a Classification meet at the same time. We are trying for an early date to accommodate those herds that do not want to keep animals in milk longer than necessary as there are quite a few herds that are kidding in late winter/early spring and to keep a number of animals in milk that you would not necessary keep in milk is not easy to do until later summer.

The benefits of a Classification meet is that there is only one site fee that is split between all herds being classified and potentially, if you are already showing there anyway, it will allow you to classify at the same time.

All first fresheners in your herd need to be classified but any older animals are classified at your discretion and there is no obligation to classify your whole herd. If you are showing older animals that are already uddered up for the show it will be easier to accommodate classifying them at that time as well.

You will also be able to haul in bucks to classify.

There are 120 potential 10 x 10 stalls available and the facility has indicated that they will charge a day fee of $25.00 per stall for anyone hauling in for classification only. This will include shavings in the stalls and you will be allowed more than the normal 5-7 animals per stall as they will only be there a short time to be classified as long as they are not overcrowded.

You do not have to show in order to participate in the Classification portion and can haul in for Classification only.

We have spoken with CGS about this and Russell has advised as follows:

If people want to express interest in classification to please let them know they can send an email to and we will let them know when the form for 2023 has been updated. We absolutely can work to accommodate people whether they classify at the show/meet or at home as there will be people classifying who do not go to the meet.

The site fee would be one site fee for the meet. Then people would send us an application and the fees for their estimated number of animals and note they plan to be at the meet.

Site fee would come from the meet and individual fees would come from the herd owners. After the classification is done we either bill people for the extra animals done over what was initially paid or refund them for animals if they score less than estimated.

Please take a moment to complete the 2 question survey so that we can determine if there is sufficient interest to go ahead with this event.

Thanks so much!

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