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Welcome to the Canadian Nigerian Dwarf Association (CNDA).

We are a small group of Nigerian goat breeders from across Canada, that decided to create a dedicated area for miniature dairy goats. Currently, we do not have an association that specifically addresses or meets the needs of this breed in Canada. We are looking to change that.

Our purpose in creating this association is to have a place where breeders and interested parties can source timely and accurate information. We are creating a one stop shop, where people can come and find great information and resources, pertaining directly to the Nigerian breed.

This all came together when looking for information specifically on the Nigerian breed. Information can be found on many different sites, some of it not very consistent with the message. This led to conversations with others of …. I wish, Why isn’t there? Where do we? Why don’t we?.... So we did.

We encourage you to become members and enjoy the many benefits that are provided through our membership.

Thank you for your interest in CNDA. We hope to see you soon both on our web page and social media outlets.

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